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Find all the resources you'll need to create content for the CombinedWellbeing portal.
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Welcome to the content creator.  Here you’ll find the help and resources you need to add content to the portal.  To start your journey, select one of the options below.

Journeys explained

Hover or click the hotspots below to see more details about each step of the journey.

High-level flowchart & checklist

Or decision tree & the ‘different types of content‘ video. Downloads the appropriate template

‘Completing a blank topic page’ & ‘royalty free images’; Authors can also view content already published

Before submitting for approval

Once content approved authors can make presentational changes

High-level map explains the process of creating content

The diagram below shows the end to end process for adding content to the Combined Wellbeing portal


Select appropriate template using decision tree/chatbot​

There are different templates for different types of content. By asking you a few questions, the decision tree below will help guide you to the most appropriate template for your content.

Use the decision tree below, if the content is addressing:

  • Young people

  • Adults

  • People with learning disabilities

  • Parents and carers (and friends)

Use the decision tree below, if the content is addressing: Professionals


Select the template you wish to download

Videos assist completion of template

The videos below are designed to guide you through the process of completing a template or aspects of a template (e.g. finding images).

Use checklist to ensure content appropriately reviewed

Please make sure that all items are addressed before submitting to the reviewers and/or governance board.

Portal Governance and review

The video below will help content creators and reviewers understand the portal governance process.